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General Resources for the History of Chemistry
General Resources for the History of Science in Teaching

General Resources for the History of Chemistry

The “Chem Team” website. Links to historical information about atomic structure, images of chemists, classic papers, and general topics in chemistry. Maintained by John Park, Diamond Bar High School, Calif.
The website of the Chemical Heritage Foundation, which “serves the community of the chemical and molecular sciences, and the wider public, by treasuring the past, educating the present, and inspiring the future.” Site features a section called “Explore Chemical History,” under which “Matter and Molecules” contains biographical profiles and images of scientists, including Dalton, Mendeleev, Thomson, and Pauling.
The chemistry section of the Nobel e-Museum. Contains biographical information and images on every Nobel laureate. Both the chemistry and physics educational sections contain excellent applets pertaining to topics such as atomic structure and biochemistry.
The home of “The Chemistry Coach.” This site contains an extensive list of links for biographical information about notable chemists. Also links to classic papers, resources for the history of science (including chemistry) and other biographical collections of scientists. Maintained by Bob Jacobs, Wilton High School, Conn.
The Royal Society of Chemistry’s website. Top-notch graphics and content, particularly the timeline of notable scientific discoveries and incidents. Other highlights include an artist’s visual interpretation of the periodic table, links to art inspired by chemistry, and many other resources.

General Resources for the History of Science in Teaching
The official home page of the History of Science Society, the preeminent organization for historians of science. The link takes you to their Committee on Education, where you will find in-class activities and other resources for the classroom.
A resource site for teachers using sociology, history, and philosophy of science in science teaching. “SHiPS” is primarily an organization of science teachers, and the site contains curriculum modules, sources for the history of science, and many useful links.
The personal website of Dr. Robert A. Hatch, University of Florida. The site contains many useful links for the history of science, as well as a collection of lesson plans developed with NSF funding that incorporate the history of science into science teaching.
The official site for the Museum of the History of Science in Oxford, England. This site includes online exhibits and other useful resources, as well as links to other museums of science history.
Women in science. This site has entries covering the past 4,000 years, although its emphasis is pre-20th century. The data can be sorted by discipline and include photographs. Maintained by Dr. Deborah Crocker, University of Alabama, and Dr. Sethanne Howard. U.S. Naval Observatory.


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